Investing GOEX

GOEX is a web-based platform created in December 2017 to provide instant exchange of BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC.

Users do not need to create accounts or provide personal information.

In order to increase the reserves of BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC for currencies exchange we accept investments in BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC. Making a deposit into our web-platform is easy and simple. An email address is all that we require from you. And you will receive dividends from your investments.

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+2% Bonus for registration via affiliate link

We have created for you an optimally beneficial offer, where you have the opportunity to receive from 0.8% of invested amount for a period of 27 weeks. Dividends depend on the number of processed operations by our service and can significantly differ from previous charges.
If you recommend our platform to your friends, you will receive a 8% bonus (one time) from the amount of their investment.

  • If the investor wishes to use the automatic reinvestment, his investment will be frozen up to 18 weeks from the date of the initial investment. In this way the daily profit will be 1.37%. You can enable automatic reinvestment not later than 9th week. Disabling of automatic reinvestment is not possible.

Profit: ~150% - 180%    Affiliates Bonus: 8%

Investment Calculation

Welcome to the best team.
GOEX for you!

In order to become an investor you need to register. We do not require any personal data from you. All you need is to specify an email and select the type of currency you want to make first investment. An address will be generated. At given address you need to send the desired amount of the investment. After confirming your investment, you will receive an email with GEOX online-office credentials and your investment will already begin to work and bring you profit.

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GOEX Payments

Bitcoin: 8221.28 USD

Min. investment amount:
0.01 BTC
(3 confirmations)

Ethereum: 534.872 USD

Min. investment amount:
0.07 ETH
(30 confirmations)

Bitcoin Cash: 892.357 USD

Min. investment amount:
0.05 BCH
(3 confirmations)

Litecoin: 140.239 USD

Min. investment amount:
0.3 LTC
(6 confirmations)

Withdrawal - INSTANT (on request). In the case of an increased transfer commission or a high load in the bitcoin network - withdrawal may take up to 7 days.

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